Jalapeño Shrub


February 23, 2017

One of the key ingredients in our signature cocktail The Wild East -- a bold, unconventional cocktail (think smoke, spice, and citrus) that's an unforgettable experience -- this jalapeño shrub can also be used for any cocktail that needs an extra summery kick.

This recipe makes enough shrub for more than 100 Wild Easts. Cheers!


16 7/10 oz. (by volume) Jalapeños (chopped)

16 7/10 oz. (by volume) Sugar

White Vinegar


1Add sugar and chopped jalapeños (with seeds, unless you don't like spice) to a jar.

2Combine (stirring or shaking) until they are well mixed together.

3Store the jar in the fridge for 3-4 days, shaking or stirring it every day, until the sugar is totally dissolved. (You can remove some of the syrup earlier, if necessary.)

4Strain out the jalapeños.

5Measure the remaining syrup, and add an equal amount of vinegar to the syrup. Shake until well mixed. Refrigerate. (Because of the vinegar, shrubs can last indefinitely in the fridge.)

6Now you have enough to make 100+ Wild East cocktails!


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