Category: Cocktails - Vodka


Did you know that Sir Ian Fleming invented the Vesper and introduced it to the world in his James Bond novel, Casino Royale? This crisp gin + vodka cocktail is pure boozy sophistication.

Wise One

An excellent drink to pair with deep conversation--who knows what sage lessons you'll learn while sipping on this soulful cocktail.

First Day of Spring

Complex yet perfectly balanced, First Day of Spring is bursting with flavor--tart, bright, zesty. The homemade Plum Shrub requires a little advance planning, but it's totally worth the effort.

The Wild East

Inspired by the artists at Vulpes Bastille, the Wild East is a celebration of the East Crossroads. Bold, unconventional, wild, but beautiful and surprisingly approachable.

Don't let the jalapeño scare you off - the heat is balanced nicely by the citrus.